Who is Jack Le Coq?

Jack Mascot

A crispy fried or juicy grilled delight!

Who is Jack Le Coq?

Who is Jack Le Coq? We hear this question often. So, here is the answer. Jack, Le Coq, is a real man. Yes, yes, it really exists, 100%. Jack had concocted an incredible recipe for fried and grilled chicken, juicy with sauces to make your mouth water. Being a kind man, he served it to his friends. They all fell in love with his fried chicken, so much so that they urged him to share it with all Quebecers. A neighborhood man with two passions: quality food and design.

My rooster is loose, keep your chickens!

Jacques Gaspo is aka Jack Le Coq, who co-founded the best supperclub in the country, Moomba, and co-founded the Foodtastic group. He and his friends, including Rachid Badouri (a world-renowned actor and humorist who is a fixture on the Quebec scene) and Lino Lozza, a master of Quebec catering with the world-renowned Buonanotte and his involvement with Montreal’s Marcus and Société Traiteur, decided to embark on a new philosophy of 100% Québécois restaurants adapted to the 2021 generation. They became partners in this unique, delicious adventure for the love of Quebec, and became forerunners of gourmet fried/grilled chicken. With their combined experience of over 20 years in the kitchen, service and marketing, they are developing a retro concept in honor of Quebec, but with a modernization adapted to the needs and demands of the year 2021 and its generations. Thanks to their instilled values of family, friendships, world peace, concern for the environment and Quebec history, they choose to encourage top-quality Quebec products, including Halal, and Quebec businesses. They decided to pay attention to the technology of the equipment and invested a huge amount of money to use the latest, healthiest, most environmentally friendly equipment, creating a new dynamic for the local catering industry. This new concept will allow customers to eat in, order take-away or have it delivered by our experienced delivery drivers.

Jack Le Coq is 100% Québécois.

We are not your regular counter and this is not your regular chicken.
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